Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company is proactive and drastic in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic

The situation of Covid - 19 epidemic is very complicated across the country in general and in Vinh Bao district, Hai Phong in particular when the past 2 days, Vinh Bao district has recorded 4 new cases of Covid - 19. In the spirit of "Fighting the epidemic is like fighting the enemy", the Board of Directors of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company actively invited the medical staff of Hai Phong Medical University Hospital to two factories of the company, Hai Phong Steel Structure Factory. Long in Truong Thanh commune - An Lao district and the Ring-lock spear production and maintenance factory in Quoc Tuan commune - An Lao district to conduct RT - PCR Covid - 19 test, randomly screen nearly 300 workers at the Factory and pay all testing costs. Besides, as soon as it received the directive of the Chairman of the City People's Committee about the distance in Vinh Bao district, the Company also actively contacted the local authorities where the factory was operating so that the workers could live. in Vinh Bao are allowed to stay and live at two factories to prevent the risk of spreading the disease to the community. The factory leadership has rushed to renovate the lunch break area to be eligible for workers to stay during this epidemic. Moreover, the Company promptly provided necessities and essential equipment for workers, ensuring daily life for workers during the anti-epidemic period at the Factory.

Despite the escalating steel price and the complicated and unpredictable situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, in the first 6 months of 2021, Hai Long Steel Structure Factory signed a series of large orders. with a total volume of nearly 10.000 tons, worth nearly 300 billion VND. How to both focus on production to meet the schedule and successfully fight the epidemic is really an extremely difficult task. However, with a sense of responsibility, initiative and creativity in all situations, the Board of Directors of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company has drastically and aggressively offered flexible plans to help the Company fulfill its tasks. The dual service successfully combats the epidemic while ensuring jobs for employees and completing the set revenue target of 850 billion in 2021.

Image of Hai Long Steel Structure Factory organizing Covid-19 testing for officials and employees

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