Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company held a meeting in December and developed a business plan in 12

On November 27, 11, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company held a December briefing and developed a business plan for 2021 chaired by Mr. Pham Tien Dung - General Director of the Company. Attending the meeting were Mr. Pham Anh Tien - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Taiyo Group (the owner of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company), the Board of General Directors, and the Directors, the heads of the departments. office departments, steel structure factories, site commanders.

At the beginning of the meeting, Mr. Pham Tien Dung re-evaluated the business situation of the past 11 months. With many difficult challenges caused by the epidemic, the price of input materials continuously increased, but with the wise and flexible direction of the Board of Directors, Hai Long exceeded the target value of the contract. So far, the total value of signed contracts has reached 1700 billion VND / 1250 billion VND of the plan and is expected to reach 1800 billion VND to 2000 billion VND at the end of the year. Besides, most of the steel structure production processing orders are also deployed to ensure the required progress and quality, although the Steel Structure Factory has to perform many important tasks at the same time, including: construction and expansion of new factories, investment and installation of new equipment and production lines, prevention of Covid epidemic, production of orders in large volumes. At the same time, construction sites also meet the requirements of anti-epidemic, control workers in and out but still ensure the progress of the items.

Although the production and business results of 2021 are very positive, 2022 will also be a challenging year for Hai Long when implementing new and larger goals. To prepare for a strong development in 2022, Hai Long's Board of Directors has asked departments to prepare new business and production plans and plans to suit the company's development goals.

Along with the development of Hai Long, the need to find more customers and new projects is also very urgent, so the leadership decided to establish a Project Department with the goal of finding and signing projects. new, ensuring stable development for the company. With its core value of being human, Hai Long always focuses on recruiting and recognizing worthy talents. In which Mr. Pham Minh Hoang, despite his young age, with his ability and outstanding achievements in business, along with the trust of the Board of Directors, was appointed as Project Manager. In his new position, Mr. Pham Minh Hoang is well aware of his responsibilities and promises to do his best to develop the Project Department.

After the meeting, Mr. Pham Anh Tien had a few words to share about Taiyo Group's plan and direction in 2022 as well as praising Hai Long's bright spots in 2021. When a difficult epidemic year for all, Even for small and large enterprises, the company still managed to overcome difficulties to achieve the target of the year in all categories, which is a great effort from the Board of Directors as well as from all employees of the company.

Pictures of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company meeting December meeting

Picture of Mr. Pham Anh Tien - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Taiyo Group handing over the decision to appoint Project Manager

Photo of Mr. Pham Minh Hoang - new Project Manager - Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company

Picture of Mr. Pham Tien Dung - General Director giving a souvenir gift to the new Head of Project Department

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