Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company organizes periodic occupational safety training

Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company is currently being evaluated as one of the leading prestigious companies in Vietnam specializing in General Contractor for construction, manufacturing and erection of Steel Structures. One of the factors that make up the brand of Hai Long Construction is that we always put the work of Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) at the factory, on the construction site first. Through each project, each project, the work of ensuring occupational safety is always focused and taken seriously by us.

With occupational safety processes always guaranteed to be supervised by experienced and highly specialized safety officers, we always bring trust to customers as well as ensure the safety of public employees. employees on each project. In order to do that, the OSH Department of Hai Long Construction regularly organizes training courses, training and supplementing OSH knowledge for relevant technicians and workers. in order to raise a sense of responsibility, understanding of hazards and risks in the workplace as well as measures to ensure safety in the working process.

Periodically, on March 12 at the conference room on the 3st floor of Taiyo building, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company organized a training session for safety officers and site commanders to improve their knowledge. and skills on occupational safety in construction and installation. The training focused on actual production hazards and measures to prevent hazards, as well as on best practices to ensure worker safety.

In order for the implementation of OSH work to be regular and continuous, Hai Long Construction also organizes meetings at the beginning of the hour to raise the awareness of workers about safety as well as tighten regulations on safety before work. working session. We also regularly encourage employees' morale with small gifts for individuals to ensure safety and successfully complete tasks in construction.

Coming to Hai Long Construction, we are committed to bringing the highest satisfaction to our partners in terms of quality, products and services as well as always ensuring the strictest technical, safety and safety requirements. safety for your own works and safety for all employees on both sides of the company.

Pictures of the periodically organized occupational safety training session of Hai Long Construction

Pictures of the periodically organized occupational safety training session of Hai Long Construction

Pictures of the first hour meetings on occupational safety before working time of Hai Long Construction

Image of awarding prizes to individuals with excellent achievements in the implementation of labor safety  

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