In recent years, before the complicated development of the COVID-19 epidemic broke out again, following the direction of the Prime Minister, at the same time, closely followed the instructions and direction of the authorities. City, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company has implemented synchronously and comprehensively solutions, proactively doing well in epidemic prevention, while maintaining effective and stable production and business. concentration.

First of all, in disease prevention, the company leaders have directed to promote information, propaganda, and guide staff to strictly comply with regulations on epidemic prevention; proactively do well the cleaning and disinfection at the offices and workplace of officials, employees and employees; strictly comply with regulations on social distance, keeping distance when working, exchanging, meeting… ..; effective implementation of recommendations of the Ministry of Health on epidemic prevention such as wearing a mask anytime, anywhere, regularly washing hands with antiseptic water, maintaining regular body temperature measurement ..., closely monitoring to closely monitor the health of officials, employees, and employees, not to let in or out of the agency or workplace in case of suspicions of infection.
At the same time, the company also strives to implement many solutions to develop production and business in difficult translation conditions. Specifically, the company has focused on the application of information technology in maintaining and operating production and business activities, from marketing, online meetings with partners to supporting partners from the private stage. design consulting, paperwork procedures, create the best conditions for investors, etc. ………. Through that, as of September 19, 09, the company's revenue has reached the milestone of VND 2020 billion (completing the revenue target set out in 1000), and continues to sign many new valuable contracts. (most recently a contract worth nearly 2020 billion VND with Hongyuan Machinery Manufacturing Vietnam Co., Ltd). In addition, the company is also very interested in the lives of workers, by many specific measures, such as salary support, trying to secure jobs for staff, employees and employees. Not only that, the company also creates hundreds of jobs for contract and seasonal workers; join hands with the community to support disadvantaged households in the area with many gifts, tons of rice ... while ensuring the timely payment to the state budget.
Despite facing many difficulties and challenges, but with solidarity, consensus, efforts, the collective of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company has successfully completed its task of fighting against epidemics effectively and promoting real estate activities. business, ensuring income and employment for officials, employees and workers. With these contributions, Hai Long Company has become a typical corporate example, recognized by the local government and recorded by Hai Phong Radio and Television as a bright spot of the business. in a time when the whole economy is facing a crisis caused by the covid -19 pandemic.

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