Hai Long Joint Stock Company successfully negotiated 3 contracts for the production and erection of steel structures

The extremely complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic has caused many difficulties and obstacles for large, medium and small businesses across the country. In addition, the continuous increase in steel prices has greatly affected the construction market, especially projects with large volume of steel structures. Many businesses, due to not being able to secure the supply, were unable to sign orders for steel structure processing at this time to avoid the risk of loss. However, with the timely and drastic direction of the Board of Directors, over the past month, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company - a member of Taiyo Group has successfully negotiated 3 consecutive contracts on fabrication and erection of steel structures with a total volume of up to 6.500 tons. In which, the order signed with Ricons Group is 2.200 tons, Hyundai 2.800 tons and Duc Tin 1.500 tons.

Although in the context of many difficulties, the Company still constantly invests and renews machinery and equipment in order to increase capacity, product quality, and improve production conditions. Thanks to that, the Company was able to implement a series of signed contracts in the first 5 months of 2021 with a value of up to VND 500 billion while still ensuring the production and construction progress for the projects.

In order to achieve this result, in addition to the wise direction of the Board of General Directors, it is necessary to mention the efforts and enthusiastic working spirit of the collective Hai Long Design Consultancy Center, Finance - Accounting Department. , Materials Department has provided timely solutions, effective consulting for customers, financial assurance, materials for projects. Thereby, it can be seen that Hai Long Construction and Construction Joint Stock Company with its outstanding capacity has been overcoming all difficulties, fulfilling the set production plan targets, and at the same time ensuring jobs as well as income for employees. employees.

Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company – Member of Taiyo Group – A reliable partner in the field of STEEL Structural Engineering.

Refer to the pictures of some steel structure products processed and erected by CPXL Company

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