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For foreigners coming to Vietnam for tourism; For working or visiting relatives, they must comply with the regulations and procedures for applying for a visa to enter Vietnam. Hai Long JSC not only provides useful information, thorough consultation, but also assists customers in completing, as well as obtaining visa results to Vietnam or the results of visa extension quickly.


Vietnam Visa Renewal and Renewal Service Support Service

Please note!

Hai Long JSC accepts to process documents, advise customers on procedures and assist in submitting documents (including fees) to a number of authorities to complete procedures for you. Therefore, the cost through our service will be higher when you apply in person.


Procedures for visa to enter Vietnam

In case of visa exemption to Vietnam:

Guests who are citizens of countries such as Russia, Japan, Korea, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Thailand, ... will be exempt from entry to Vietnam with a temporary stay period not exceeding. 15 days as prescribed if guests hold an ordinary passport, irrespective of the purpose of entry, in case the following conditions are fully met:

Have a valid passport and are valid for at least 03 months from the date of entry.

Having papers confirming the means of transport from round trip or to other countries.

Not in the subjects not allowed to enter Vietnam.

At the airport or the international road gate of Vietnam, foreign visitors are exempt from visa, procedures to enter Vietnam at the room for foreigners to enter.

In case of having to apply for a new Vietnam visa:

For foreign visitors not in the case of visa exemption, they must apply for a visa according to the regulations. Guests need the following documents:

The passport of a foreigner must be valid for at least 06 months.

Immigration documents approved by Immigration Bureau - Ministry of Public Security of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam allowing you to enter Vietnam.

Legal document of the representative agency or the guarantor.

Visa application form.

Visa fees as prescribed.

Procedures for Vietnam visa extension

Foreign visitors entering Vietnam, if the duration of their stay expires, can apply for visa extension. The visa extension procedure includes the following documents:


The legal document of the agency, business or organization sponsoring the foreigner to apply for visa extension.

The passport of a foreigner must be valid for at least 06 months.

Application for Vietnamese visa extension.

Other documents at the request of Immigration Department (rental contract, list of foreign workers, ...)

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