Introducing us

Design Consulting Center with a core of 40 highly qualified engineers - bachelors, proficient use of advanced design software is the strength that Hai Long is proud to have.

With the experience accumulated in more than 24 years of development, cooperation with foreign companies such as Korea, Japan, China, HongKong, Thailand, ... with the goal achieved, the Consulting Center Hai Long Design is confident in its ability in the field of consulting, designing planning options, architectural solutions, project landscape design.

With the guideline "Technology - Economy - Easy construction and maintenance", the Design Consulting Center always provides Investors with the most optimal design solutions, ensuring safety and technical aspects. At the same time, it helps save costs, shorten construction progress and facilitate future maintenance. We would like to sincerely thank the Investors who have trusted and supported us during the past time, and we hope that we can continue to accompany the Investors in the future ahead.


Design Engineers


Software used


Designed project


The country cooperated

Consulting and design services

Consulting and design services


Design consultancy for civil and industrial works, urban planning, interior and exterior, traffic, power network.


Consulting on investment project planning and project management


Appraisal of design and total estimate


Execute projects with high and special aesthetic requirements


Consultancy on preparation of bidding documents

Our partner

Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company is proud to be a trusted partner of large domestic and foreign enterprises.

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