General contractor project

JINKA Construction Materials Technology Factory Construction Project - Phase 3


China - Taiwan


Construction general contractor

Project land area:

155,000 m2


Do Son Industrial Park, Hai Phong

Construction Materials Industrial Factory


Since the success of the Jinka Phase 1 Projects in 2020 and Jinka Phase 2 Projects in 2021, Hai Long Construction has continued to be selected by the Investor Jinka Construction Materials Technology Co., Ltd. Design and construction contractor for Jinka Project phase 3 at Lot 6, Do Son Industrial Park, Hai Phong City.

127,000 m2

Total construction area




Office building


The project starts construction from October 10

  • Begin
  • Finish


The project has a scale of 6.35 hectares, of which the construction area accounts for 3.5 hectares, the total value of the contract signed by both parties is more than 300 billion VND and the construction progress is 210 days.

  • Complete phase

    Factory X3: basically completed, in the process of completing steel doors. Factory X4: is carrying out the work of installing cover panels and installing additional elevators. Factory X5: is installing the cover panel and door system. Factory X6: has completed the steel structure and covering architecture, and is installing additional floors as requested by the Investor. Factory X7: basically completed. At the same time, auxiliary items such as guard house, pump house, garbage house, etc. are also being completed quickly by the auxiliary construction team. Regarding infrastructure, the project is underway to build roads to serve production activities.

  • Workshop X3 is erecting steel structures and roof purlins. Workshop X4 has completed about 70% of the second floor columns and is preparing to erect the steel structure of the roof. Workshop X2 completed about 5% of the second floor columns and prepared the site for steel structure erection. Workshop X90 has completed the erection of the steel structure of the roof and roof purlins. Workshop X2 has completed construction of the roof covering structure.

  • Workshop 3,4,5, sub-items

    Workshop 3 and workshop 4 are located in the middle of the project and have completed the construction of concrete, reinforcement, foundation and columns of the first floor; The 1nd floor is completing 2% of concrete, reinforcement, beams and floors. Workshop 70 has basically completed the concrete, reinforcement, foundation and columns of the first floor; Concrete, reinforcement, floor beams on the 5nd floor reached 1%. The raw material warehouse has completed the hard frame, concrete, reinforcement, beams, and 2nd floor floor, preparing to assemble the steel structure and construct the roof cover. The trash crushing house has completed the concrete, foundation, wall covering structure, steel structure, and is preparing to gather materials to construct the roof. The water tank and fire protection areas have been completed, ready for the installation of pumping equipment according to the project schedule.

  • Starting construction