Deep C Industrial Park (Dinh Vu) – Hai Phong

General introduction

Deep C Industrial Park was established in 1997 in Hai Phong City, is a joint venture between Hai Phong City People's Committee and Rent-A-Port partner from the Kingdom of Belgium. With the success of the first project, Dinh Vu Industrial Park with 164ha, Deep C Industrial Park complex continues to expand with 5 IPs in Hai Phong and Quang Ninh, with more than 3000 hectares of industrial land for lease.  

After more than 20 years of establishment and continuous development, Deep C Industrial Park has become one of the successful industrial zones of the country, actively contributing to the economic development of Hai Phong in particular and the region. economic perception of Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh in general.


General information

    • Name: Deep C Industrial Park (Dinh Vu) – Hai Phong
    • Investor: Deep C
    • Scale: 3000 ha
    • Vacant area:
    • Rent cost: $85-100
    • Rental area: 5400m2, 4350 m2, 2700 m2, 1350 m2 or can rent more than one factory
  • Industry attracting investment: Components for the renewable energy industry, Automotive production and spare parts, Industrialization, petrochemicals, Logistics & Services, ...


Critical position 

Deep C Industrial Park is located adjacent to Lach Huyen port - one of the largest deep-water ports in Vietnam. With the advantage of being close to the international gateway port, Vietnamese and international companies in Deep C can easily import and export goods at competitive costs, and bring high economic efficiency.

Located in an area directly connected to Noi Bai - Hai Phong - Ha Long - Mong Cai highway with a length of 304 km, size of 4 lanes, speed of 100km/h, easy access to the domestic market in the Red River Delta and Southwest China market.

Besides the port, air transport connecting from the industrial park is also convenient when the location is near 2 international airports: Cat Bi International Airport and Van Don International Airport with the first private airport. first in Vietnam.

Infrastructure connected to the Deep C . complex 

Lach Huyen deep sea port


Lach Huyen port can receive ships up to 110.000 DWT, is the gateway deep sea port of Hai Phong and the whole Northern region, saving cost and time compared to previous transshipment sizes.

Connecting to the Port (Tan Vu Bridge – Lach Huyen)

  • It is the longest sea-crossing bridge in Vietnam and one of the longest sea-crossing bridges in Southeast Asia. 
  • Bridge length: 5,44km
  • Connecting Deep C industrial complex with Lach Huyen Deep Water Port Cảng
  • Traffic: September 9

Expressway connecting Hanoi with China

  • The route is 304 km long, with 4 lanes, the maximum speed is 100km/h
  • Travel time 3 hours
  • Potential to connect Hanoi with the vast Southwest China market (Yunnan province)

International Airport

  • Cat Bi . International Airport
  • Van Don International Airport (first private airport in Vietnam)
  • Flight routes to: Korea, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia

Dinh Vu liquid wharf

  • The 10,000DWT and 20,000DWT . berths
  • Pipeline and rack system for direct import and export of liquid goods from the wharf to the factory and vice versa


Infrastructure (Utilities & Services)


  • National grid + backup power source
  • 626MVA
  • LG power cable, ABB switchgear
  • Underground power distribution system


  • Clean water and raw water
  • Demineralized water

Wastewater treatment

  • Centralized wastewater treatment for all factories
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 certified treatment plant


  • Internet
  • Diverse telecommunications solutions Giải

Fire water

  • Water supply network for fire fighting underground circuit
  • Fire hydrant system
  • Capacity: up to 480m3/h
  • Pressure 4-7 bar
  • The pump system is always ready

Solid waste

  • Partnering with licensed businesses nghiệp
  • Class A landfill, 250km . range


Land has been compensated for site clearance

  • Each land lot is hydraulic sand pumped and leveled in accordance with the master plan
  • Leveling elevation is within ±15cm compared to the elevation of the master plan
  • Boundary markers according to land plot survey
  • Utilities are provided and connected to the land border


Modern factory and warehouse for rent

  • Flexible leasing area: 5400m2, 4350 m2, 2700 m2, 1350 m2 or can rent more than one factory
  • Reinforced concrete floor, floor load 2.5mT/m2
  • Steel frame structure
  • Modern closed design
  • Standard office
  • Full utilities: electricity, water, lighting, wastewater treatment, ventilation, telecommunications, ..

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