Nomura Hai Phong Industrial Park

General introduction

Nomura Industrial Park was established in 1994, is a project invested by Nomura - Hai Phong Industrial Park Development Company (NHIZ) with Hai Phong City People's Committee and Nomura Financial Group (Japan). This is the first industrial park with foreign direct investment in the North with a total capital of more than 140 million USD on a land area of ​​153 hectares in An Duong district, Hai Phong city. 

Nomura is a reputable contractor from Japan, along with the advantage of location - economy of Hai Phong as well as the city's policies to attract investment capital, so up to the present time, the occupancy rate of the industrial zone has reached over 90%. According to the new plan of the City, Nomura Industrial Park is being implemented to build infrastructure phase 2 with an area of ​​more than 200 hectares, which will provide a lot of clean land, and fully meet the needs of domestic and foreign investors. country.

Nomura Industrial Park is oriented to be a multi-industry industrial park using high and modern technology, in line with international standards, and being environmentally friendly, expected to attract industries such as machine manufacturing, exact mechanics; manufactures automotive and motorcycle components, electrical and electronic equipment components, marine equipment, packaging and high-grade paper products and textiles, etc.

General information

    • Name: Nomura Hai Phong Industrial Park
    • Investor:  Nomura Hai Phong Industrial Park Developer (NHIZ
    • Scale: 153 ha (123 ha industrial park, 30 ha for infrastructure and utilities)
    • Vacant area:
    • Rent cost: $80-100
    • Duration: 50 years (1994 – 2044)
    • Industry attracting investment: mechanical assembly, production of spare parts and components; consumer production, handicrafts; Textile industry; food processing, agricultural production, etc.

Geographical location and traffic 

Nomura Industrial Park has a modern and synchronous investment technical infrastructure, convenient geographical location and traffic such as along National Highway 5, between Quan Toan intersection - the gateway to Hai Phong city.

Distance from Nomura industrial park to points:

  • Distance from City Center: 13 km
  • Distance from Hai Phong Port: 13 km
  • Distance from Cat Bi International Airport: 20 km
  • Distance from nearest railway station: 2km

Infrastructure and facilities


More than 12% of the total area of ​​the industrial park is planted with trees along roads and other areas. Lawns and public green areas are planted to improve the industrial park environment. Projects to build factories and other buildings must be approved by management.

Land conditions 

The average leveling height is 9m; Soil: hard leveled.

Internal transportation system

The internal road system is reasonably designed to ensure smooth traffic throughout the industrial park, accounting for 15% of the total area of ​​the industrial park. The system is designed as follows:

+ The main roads in the industrial park are 30m wide - 4 lanes

+ Branch roads in the industrial park are 20m wide - 2 lanes

+ There is a sidewalk of 6m XNUMX wide along the road

All internal roads are designed and constructed in strict compliance with national regulations, and finished with Asphalt asphalt. The internal roads are also equipped with a complete and aesthetic high-pressure lighting system.

Electric supplying system

Power supply: Power is supplied from an independent power plant with a capacity of 50MW with stable voltage quality in the industrial park.

Water supply system

Water supply: Water is taken from Vat Cach water plant with a capacity of 13.500m3/day.

Waste and water treatment system

Industrial wastewater is collected and treated at the Microbiological Treatment Station with a capacity of 10.800m3/day.

Communication systems 

The industrial park is installed with an underground communication cable system and is provided to the factory fence by an international standard cable system.

Through the connection system between the communication center of the industrial park through the telecommunications network, all communication needs are guaranteed and capable of providing all necessary services such as: Private switchboard, electricity International phone calls, teleconferencing, leased lines, high-speed internet, email, etc.

Fire prevention and fighting system 

The industrial park is installed with a warning, prevention and fire fighting system in strict compliance with national regulations.

Fire hydrants are installed at the internal traffic hubs, and at all factories to ensure effective protection of the whole area from fire and explosion incidents.


Investor participation in Nomura . industrial park

With a location at the gateway of Hai Phong port city, and the first foreign direct investment industrial park in the North, the investor is a very reputable organization (Nomura Financial Group). Not only that, Hai Phong City also has many attractive investment incentive policies, so Nomura Industrial Park has attracted many leading investors and mainly from: Japan, USA, In which, many high-tech projects operate effectively such as Robotech, Yazaki, Toyoda Gosei, Toyota Boshoku, Pioneer, GE...


Operation time and investment cost at Nomura industrial park

Project time: 

  • 50 years from the date of issuance of the investment certificate
  • Investors can rent or transfer, invest 
  • During the rental process, investors can sublease or transfer to other retail investors 

Investment cost: 

  • Rent with infrastructure: 100 USD/m2
  • Electricity price: Power supply: independent power plant with capacity of 50MW 380 V: 0,12 USD/Kwh (Customers consuming more than 100.000 Kwh/month are charged $0,10/Kwh at night from 22pm to 4pm. XNUMXam the next day) (The above price does not include tax)
  • Water price: $0,28/m3 (The above price does not include tax)
  • Labor cost: with reference price is 200-500 USD/person/month. Depends on job location
  • Management fee: 0,4 USD/m2/year


Special offer at Nomura . Industrial Park

About tax:

  • Corporate income tax (Decree No. 218/2013/ND-CP): Enterprise income tax exemption for 2 years and 50% reduction of tax payable for the next 4 years when investors invest in industrial parks.
  • VAT exemption: For enterprises that are granted investment certificates, which are EP export processing enterprises.

Land rent (Decree No: 46/2014/ND-CP)

  • Projects on using land to build houses for workers of industrial zones according to projects approved by competent authorities.
  • Land for construction of infrastructure for common use in industrial parks, industrial clusters and export processing zones according to the planning approved by the competent authority specified in Clause 2, Article 149 of the Land Law.

Legal procedures: one-stop, interconnected administrative procedures are very convenient and quick for investors.



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