Thang Long Industrial Park II 

General introduction

Thang Long II Industrial Park of Hung Yen Province is one of the industrial parks according to the standards of a clean, environmentally friendly industrial park and is still attracting a lot of foreign investors with an area of ​​345,2 million square feet. The planned area is 275 ha and the industrial land for lease is XNUMX ha.

Thang Long II Industrial Park, when entering the second quarter of 2017, has summarized in the report that there are 77 foreign investment projects with a total registered investment capital of 1.840 million USD. Investors in IPs are mainly from Japan, including some large economic groups such as Kyocera, Hoya, Nippon, Daikin, Toto, Panasonic, Canon, Yamaha, etc.

Thang Long Industrial Park II was established in November 11 based on experiences gained from Thang Long Industrial Park (TLIP) in Hanoi. Currently, the investor is Thang Long II Industrial Park Company Limited.

Infrastructure in TLIPII is invested synchronously and modernly with a full system of electricity supply, water supply, communication, waste treatment, wastewater treatment, fire prevention and fighting system... Also in the industrial park there are also ancillary services effectively serving businesses and workers in the IZ, such as: many banking systems open branches in the IZ; housing workers, experts and managers. Besides, the province also has 1 university and many colleges, intermediate schools, vocational schools; Near the industrial park, there are 3 colleges and many vocational secondary schools. This is the place that provides abundant and high-quality human resources for businesses in industrial zones in the area.

Invested according to the standards of a clean, environmentally friendly industrial park, TLIPII prioritizes attracting industries that do not pollute the environment such as: mechanical industry, electronics industry, precision industry, light industry, information technology.

In addition to the task of building industrial park infrastructure, maintaining and developing the industrial park, in order to fully meet the requirements of investors, TLIPII has flexibly built factories and office buildings in the industrial park for sale. or rental; provides investment advisory services to investors…

Currently, the industrial park has filled over 90% of the land area in phase I and has attracted many famous corporations, with world brands to invest in the industrial park such as: Japan's KYOCERA Group manufacturing technology products. high for mobile devices; Japan Nikkiso Corporation manufactures parts for commercial aircraft, Japan HOYA Corporation manufactures equipment for computers…

Customer-oriented service

Various support services for customers throughout the process from establishment, factory construction to operation, such as assistance in obtaining establishment licenses, monitoring contractors' activities, updating regulations regulations, laws, etc.

– Various support service providers

Thang Long II Industrial Park in Hung Yen province provides diverse support services: Logistics, Banking, Telecommunications, Japanese/Vietnamese Restaurants, Taxis, Insurance, etc.

- Protective equipment

Thang Long II Industrial Park also cooperates with local police and fire police to provide additional protection to customers in addition to a professional security force that is recruited and outsourced.

- Sports event

Every year, the Industrial Park organizes sports events such as the Ekiden Run and the Men's/Women's Soccer Tournament to enhance the exchange and understanding between workers in the industrial park.

– Department of Social Responsibility

Since 2013, TLIPII has organized a Social Responsibility Committee with the participation of customers to expand activities to support the surrounding community from members in the industrial park.

General information

    • Name: Thang Long Industrial Park II 
    • Investor:  Thang Long Industrial Park II Co., Ltd
    • Location: Yen My district, Hung Yen province
    • Scale: 345,2 ha
    • Vacant area:
    • Rent cost: $80-100
    • Project time: 2008 – 2058
  • Advantage: mechanical industry, electronic industry, precision industry, light industry, information technology.


Geographical location of Thang Long II Industrial Park - Hung Yen

Thang Long II Industrial Park is located in Yen My and My Hao districts of Hung Yen province with a distance of 33 km from the center of Hanoi, it takes 45 minutes by car. With such favorable traffic conditions, you can recruit qualified employees and engineers living in Hanoi and working here. In addition, Thang Long II industrial park is also located close to National Highway 5 - the arterial road connecting the key northern provinces: Hanoi - Hung Yen - Hai Duong - Hai Phong, a very favorable condition for operations. import and export activities. You can also move to the new National Highway 1, which connects to China and Thailand. The transportation system is extremely convenient by road and waterway.

  • Distance from Hanoi center: 33km 
  • Distance from Noi Bai International Airport: 48,4 km and Gia Lam Airport 24,2 km
  • Distance from Hai Phong port: 63 km 
  • Distance to Cai Lan port: 125km 
  • 55km from Hanoi station and Gia Lam station: 42km 
  • Adjacent to Pho Noi textile and garment industrial park.

Infrastructure of Thang Long II Industrial Park - Hung Yen

- Traffic system: main road with two sides of 13m road, 2 lanes. The branch road in the industrial park is 10,2m wide. Internal traffic is synchronously invested to ensure convenience in the circulation of vehicles with large tonnage.  

- Construction ground: The plots of land have been treated, ready for the construction of the factory.

– Power grid system: The investor has built 110/22kV transformer station (TBT) and 22kV power distribution system with power source (2 independent 110kV lines from Pho Noi substation and Kim Dong substation) with a capacity of 25MVA x2, 63MVA x2 ( Total 176 MVA) exclusively for industrial parks and factories. The most advanced, dual-bar power supply system in Vietnam today and the power distribution system using 22kV underground cables with connection points all the way to the plots of land.

- Drainage system: Rainwater and wastewater drainage systems are built separately and are treated and discharged in accordance with current state regulations.

- Industrial water supply plant: was built with a capacity of 18.000 m3/day and night with groundwater extracted from 16 drilled wells with a depth of 80 m. The maximum amount of licensed water for daily exploitation is 39.000 m3/day based on an estimated consumption of 110 m3/day/night.

- Water treatment factory: according to the factory standard QCVN 40: 2011/ BTNMT Column A Current waste treatment capacity (tons/day); capable of handling 5 criteria BOD, COD, SS, TP, TN with a design capacity of 16.000 m3/day and night and current capacity of 3.000m3/day.

– Fire protection system: The fire protection police team is located in the industrial park. Plumbing and fire hydrants along the main road and branch road of the whole industrial park.

- Communications: The communication system meets international standards, meeting all requirements fully and quickly for domestic and foreign communication services.

- Other information: The industrial park spends about 14,3% of the land area for concentrated planting of trees. City General Hospital 1km from the industrial park is planned and built modern to meet the needs of treatment and medical examination and treatment for workers in the industrial zone. 

– Factory and office for lease:

Factory for lease can provide a variety of areas (from 700m2 to 3.000m2) suitable for small and medium enterprises.

Office for rent and small area for rent

- Customs: Information station of Hung Yen province is about 1km from the industrial park, helping businesses easily carry out import and export customs procedures, sealing, lead clamping, etc.

- Bank: Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam, Saigon Thuong Tin Commercial Joint Stock Bank, and Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint Stock Bank are located 1-2km from the industrial park.

My Hao district post office is 3km from the industrial park, ready to meet the needs of industrial parks and businesses.


Investment incentives

It is expected that domestic and foreign investors when investing in Thang Long II Industrial Park will enjoy full incentives such as: issuance of investment certificates, business registration and some incentives such as:

– Corporate income tax: Enjoy the tax rate of 10% for a period of 15 years and enjoy tax exemption for 4 years 

– Reduce 50% of tax payable in the next 9 years for income from new investment projects in a number of investment incentive fields in accordance with the law on corporate income tax.

– Enjoy the tax rate of 17% and enjoy tax exemption for 2 years, reduce 50% of tax payable in the next 4 years for income from new projects in a number of fields such as: manufacturing high-grade steel, manufacturing eco-friendly products energy saving; production of machinery and equipment for the production of agriculture, forestry, fishery and salt production; manufacturing refined irrigation equipment, animal feed, poultry, aquatic products, ....

– Enterprise income tax exemption for 2 years and 50% reduction of payable tax for the next 4 years for enterprises implementing new investment projects in IPs.

– Regarding import tax: Investment projects in industrial zones are exempt from import tax on imported goods to create fixed assets in accordance with the Law on Import Tax and Export Tax.


Time and Cost

The operation period is 50 years from the date the Bac Ninh Industrial Park Management Board issues the investment certificate. During the land lease process, the investor can transfer or sublease it to other investors. 

  • Land rental: 90-95 USD/m2 (with infrastructure, depending on location and area of ​​land lot)
  • Factory rental: 75 USD/m2
  • Management fee: 22.000 VND/m2/year (equivalent to 1 USD/m2/Year).
  • Electricity prices at peak hours and normal hours are regulated by EVN
  • Clean water price: 12.300 VND/m3 (equivalent to 0,56 USD/m3/Year).
  • Water treatment price (m3): 5.300 VND/m3 (equivalent to 0.24 USD/m3/Year). Input processing standard: According to the regulations of the Industrial Park Output processing standard: Passing QCVN 40:2011/BTNMT Column A

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