Thuan Thanh 3 Industrial Park Bac Ninh

General introduction

Thuan Thanh 3 Industrial Park was established under the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1546/TTg-KTN dated September 18, 09; has an area of ​​2008 ha divided into 300 subdivisions: Subdivision A, the investor of industrial park infrastructure is Khai Son Joint Stock Company; subdivision B, the investor of industrial park infrastructure is Trung Quy Bac Ninh Investment Joint Stock Company, with a total registered investment capital of 2 billion VND; Construction started in December 1.357. 

– Urban area serving industrial park 70 hectares

– Industrial Park 298 ha

Project implementation time:

The operating time of the industrial park infrastructure business is 50 years from the date of issuance of the investment certificate.

- Project implementation schedule:

* Phase 1: (From 7/2009 to 12/2015): Land area of ​​180 ha with investment capital of 576 billion VND

* Phase 2: (From January 01 to December 2016): Land area of ​​12 hectares with expected investment capital of VND 2020 billion

* Currently, there are 12 investors applying to invest in industrial parks and investment industries in less polluting industrial parks.

Typical enterprises: Hanoi Mechanical Company (Vietnam - Germany); Seong JI Co., Ltd (Korea); Shinhwa Co., Ltd (Korea); Tuan Tu Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company (Vietnam - France); Daedong Company; IND (Korea); Vitech Company (USA), …

Strengths: Modern and convenient transportation. Abundant workforce. High level of management. Support services are available. Good logistics. Many foreign investors invest in high-tech industries.

Weaknesses: Infrastructure is not complete. High labor cost (near big city)

Opportunities: Good links, ancillary industries available, good investor support services. Good local government support, clear and transparent investment incentive policies. High Competitive Index

Challenges: Environmental treatment, labor attraction policies

General information

    • Name: Thuan Thanh 3 Industrial Park – Bac Ninh
    • Investor:  Khai Son Joint Stock Company
    • Location: Gia Dong commune - Thuan Thanh district - Bac Ninh province
    • Scale: 300 ha 
    • Vacant area:
    • Rent cost: $80-100
    • Operating time: 2018
  • Advantage: manufacturing and assembling electrical, electronic, pharmaceutical, telecommunications, mechanical engineering; Producing steel and steel products; Producing consumer goods, garments; Processing agricultural products and food…


Geographical location and traffic 

  • The industrial park is located next to National Highway 282, Ho street - Phu Thuy, south of Ho town
  • Altitude above sea level: 5m
  • 25km from Hanoi, 17km from Bac Ninh city
  • About 47 km from Noi Bai International Airport
  • About 25 km from Gia Lam Station
  • About 145 km from Cai Lan port (Quang Ninh)
  • About 140 km from Vietnam-China border gate


Infrastructure and facilities

The industrial park will be invested in synchronous technical infrastructure, ensuring the development of the industrial park.

– Transportation System

The internal road system is built with a reasonable cross-section, ensuring easy and convenient means of transportation to each factory. Lighting systems are installed along the roads.

- Electricity

Power is supplied continuously and stably through a 110/22 kV substation with a capacity of 2.500KVA. High voltage electricity network (22KV) is provided along the internal roads in the area. Enterprises invest and build low voltage stations depending on the consumption capacity.

- Country

The water plant in the area was built with a capacity of 6.800m3/day. Water is taken directly from groundwater. The water supply system is provided to the foot of the fence of each enterprise and factory.

- Wastewater treatment

Each plant must treat wastewater with a biological treatment system. Wastewater is treated locally at factories before being discharged into the industrial park's general sewage system.

- Process rubbish

Solid waste will be classified, collected and transferred to a centralized landfill.

- System of fire

The water supply system with fire hydrants is arranged along the roads of the Industrial Park. The distance between fire hydrants is 150m.

- Communications

The telecommunications system meets international standards and is always available to meet the needs of high-speed communication, data transmission and domestic and international postal services. 

- Other information

Bac Ninh has 14 universities, colleges and vocational secondary schools that provide training in many fields.

In addition, the investor also builds an urban area:

  • The urban area will bring a modern, environmentally friendly living environment and a landscape in harmony with the industrial park.
  • On the major roads of the industrial park, high-rise buildings of variable height will be arranged, creating a rhythm for the street, alternating the arrangement of villas and townhouses to enrich the variety of aspects. space.
  • The urban area is organized along the East-West axis, connecting the low-rise housing area and the high-rise housing area to create an airy landscape for the urban area. Kindergartens, schools, hospitals, commercial centers, parking lots, parks... are arranged in a harmonious manner to create a modern and ecological living environment.
  • The system of concentrated trees and street trees are linked together in a unified combination.
  • The urban area will provide an eco-friendly environment to bring the most comfortable and satisfying life to the residents.

It can be said that, with attractive investment factors, Thuan Thanh III Industrial Park has become a place to attract investment, develop, exploit and improve the efficiency of using resources, contributing to creating jobs for workers. It is an important channel for absorbing advanced technology and management experience from developed countries.


Time and cost

– Project duration: 50 years from the date of issuance of the investment certificate.

– During the rental process, the investor can sublease or transfer to other retail investors.

– Price: the rental price of land with infrastructure is about 80 USD/m²/ life of the project; industrial park management fee 0,35 USD/m²/year, factory rent 58 USD/m2, management fee 0.\.3 USD/m2/year; electricity and water prices (reference price: 100 – 450 USD/person/month); wastewater treatment fee 0,2 USD/m3; solid waste treatment fee (according to regulations of the Provincial People's Committee and the Management Board of the Industrial Park)

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