Trang Due Industrial Park 

General introduction

Trang Due Industrial Park is the largest and leading industrial park of Hai Phong City with a total area of ​​more than 400ha with 2 phases with an occupancy rate of 95%, built according to the scale of a modern architectural complex. : Industrial park – Urban area – Amusement and service area. Currently, the management board of the industrial park is studying to expand the industrial park phase 3 with a scale of more than 600ha, located in An Lao, Hai Phong.

With its location on National Highway 10, and in the key economic development triangle in the North (Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh), Trang Due Industrial Park enjoys the advantage of connecting with the transportation arterial system. goods in the northern region, very convenient in the circulation of goods and services.

Although newly put into operation, Trang Due Industrial Park has achieved remarkable achievements in attracting foreign investment capital, especially since 2013, Trang Due officially became a part of Dinh Vu - Cat Economic Zone. Hai. According to the decisions signed between the Prime Minister on the Operation Regulations of Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone, investment projects in Trang Due Industrial Park will enjoy the highest incentives for investment projects in Vietnam. Dinh Vu - Cat Hai economic zone.

Up to now, Trang Due Industrial Park has attracted more than 70 domestic and foreign investment projects that have been licensed and put into operation, typically LG's project with a capital of billions of dollars. US Dollar and LG's satellite businesses such as Haengsung, DongYang, Bucheon, etc. Investment projects in Trang Due Industrial Park mainly produce electronics with modern technology production lines. Trang Due Industrial Park is the industrial zone with the highest technology and investment density in Hai Phong City - contributing to making the city a leading locality in attracting FDI in recent years.

General information

    • Name: Trang Due Industrial Park 
    • Investor: Saigon - Hai Phong Industrial Park Development Company (SHP)
    • Scale: 600 ha
    • Vacant area: 
    • Rent cost: $85-100
    • Rental area: 


Location of Trang Due Industrial Park

Trang Due Industrial Park is located on National Highway 10, between National Highway 5A and Hanoi - Hai Phong Expressway, these are the arterial traffic routes, transporting goods in the Northern region, in addition, there is a connection with the city. Highway 18 specializes in serving international tourists and transporting goods from the North of Vietnam. Therefore, it can be said that Trang Due Industrial Park has a prime location for industrial development and is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign investors.

The project has a very convenient traffic connection location:

  • Hai Phong city center: 20 minutes
  • Expressway Hanoi - Hai Phong: 5 minutes
  • Connecting point to neighboring provinces: Hai Duong, Thai Binh, Quang Ninh

Infrastructure in Trang Due Industrial Park

Road system in the industrial park

The system of main internal roads and branch roads is planned to meet international standards, built with a large tonnage to ensure traffic connecting the IZ with the infrastructure system outside the IZ.

Main road: 32m wide (for 4 lanes), Branch road: 23m . wide

Factory and office system:

Standard factories of 4.000 m²- 6000 m² with a total area of ​​100.000 m2 are built ready to serve the rental and use needs of investors. Investors can immediately go into production because of the sustainable structure and completeness of the factory.

Power system:

The 110/35/22KV transformer station is installed with the most modern and advanced equipment line, with a capacity of 2x63MVA used to provide separate power for the industrial park, ensuring sufficient and stable power supply for the entire industrial park.

Water system:

The water source is provided by Vat Cach water plant (Hai Phong) with a capacity of 20.000m3/day and is currently being upgraded to 30.000m2/day to ensure adequate and stable water supply for businesses in the industrial park.

Trang Due clean water treatment plant phase 1 with a capacity of 5.000m3/day (total capacity of 13.500m3/day) is currently in the trial operation phase to proactively serve clean water supply to the customers. secondary investors, contributing to the improvement of infrastructure in the industrial park.

Drainage system:

Industrial wastewater and domestic wastewater are collected and treated at the wastewater treatment tank Phase 1: 5000m3/day to ensure wastewater treatment according to standard A, Regulation 40:2011 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment on wastewater.

Communication systems:

The communication system in the industrial park is currently being provided by leading telecommunications companies such as: VNPT, EVN-telecom... Modern communication system with separate cable lines, ADSL, …. covering the entire industrial zone to fully and quickly meet the domestic and foreign communication needs of investors.

Other public facilities:

In addition to synchronous and modern infrastructure, Trang Due Industrial Park also provides services on customs procedures, transportation, storage, and yards to facilitate the import and export of goods for businesses in the industrial park. Trang Due.

Modern factory and warehouse for rent

Office area (3 floors): From 510m2- 630m2

Factory area: From 4400m2 - 4800m2 - 5200m2 - 5800m2

Designed into a continuous space of 15 spans, each span 8m, aperture 43m. Use pre-engineered steel truss frame.

Door Systems: The front of the workshop has a door for the container truck, the two sides and the back are arranged with working and exit doors when something goes wrong.

Container door

- The window system is evenly distributed in each workshop span, helping to ventilate and get light for the factory.

– The roof is designed with a wind roof, which is responsible for natural ventilation throughout the length of the workshop.

– The wall is built with bricks and pipes, 220mm thick, 1,2m high, plastered with sandpaper and painted with water.

– Background: The main foundation is made of welded wire mesh concrete, concrete slabs, cut jont. The bottom surface of the roller is compacted with gravel and sand.

Covering structure: Steel truss frame, the upper part of the wall is made of colored plated steel, interspersed with light panels (tole design for light in horizontal lines), connected to the wall purlin; Color coated tole roof has 02 layers of insulation.

Investment incentives 

Base In Decree No. 124/2008/ND-CP dated December 11, 12 of the Government detailing and guiding the implementation of the Law on Corporate Income Tax, investment projects implemented in the EZ are entitled to the tax rate corporate income tax of 2008% applied for 10 years, calculated continuously from the first year Enterprises have revenue from activities entitled to tax incentives and equal to 15% in subsequent years;

Being exempt from corporate income tax for 4 years, reducing 50% of payable tax for the next 9 years, calculated continuously from the first year the enterprise has taxable income from the investment project; in case the enterprise has no taxable income for the first three years, counting from the first year of revenue from the investment project, the tax exemption or reduction period is counted from the fourth year.

Base in Decree No. 29/2008/ND-CP dated March 14, 3 of the Government regulating industrial zones, export processing zones and economic zones; Circular No. 2008/176/TT-BTC dated September 2009, 09 of the Ministry of Finance guiding the reduction of personal income tax for individuals working in economic zones. Vietnamese and foreigners working in the Economic Zone are entitled to a 9% reduction in income tax for people whose income is subject to personal income tax.

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