VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park

General introduction

VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park Project is the fourth cooperation of VSIP Group - a capital contribution partnership between Becamex IDC (Binh Duong) and SembCorp Industries (Singapore). The project is located in the North of Cam River, Thuy Nguyen district, Hai Phong, with a scale of 1600ha, with an investment capital of up to 1 billion USD.

 VSIP Hai Phong project is one of the important projects not only in Hai Phong city but also important to the socio-economic development of the Northern region. The project is a complex of industrial, service and modern urban areas, with standard and quality synchronous technical infrastructure. 

With modern and synchronous infrastructure, convenient transportation system has created favorable conditions for VSIP Industrial Park to attract many domestic and foreign investors, especially investors from Japan and Korea. Countries, America, Europe, ... The projects that are in operation have created jobs for about 50.000 workers, thereby contributing to ensuring stable jobs and increasing incomes for workers. and promote the socio-economic development of the City.

Besides, towards green design and wish VSIP Hai Phong as a green lung to bring investors and employees a cool and fresh working environment, about 200ha of green trees have been invested and designed and arranged in harmony with the landscape of the industrial park. In 2020, VSIP is honored to receive the "Green Industrial Park 2020" award certified by the Vietnam Association of Economic and Commercial Consulting under the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park aims to invest in clean industries such as information technology, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. 

General information

    • Name: VSIP Industrial Park – Hai Phong
    • Investor:  VSIP Hai Phong Co., Ltd
    • Scale: 1600 ha (500 ha industrial zone, 1100 ha urban area)
    • Vacant area:
    • Rent cost: $80-90
    • Rental area: 1700m2; 2,550 m2; 2,750 m2
    • Industry attracting investment: Information technology, electronics, pharmaceuticals...

Critical position 

VSIP Industrial Park is located in Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone, located at the northern gateway of Hai Phong City, less than 5km from the city center, can be flexibly connected with key projects of the company. the city by the East-West Highway and the modern North-South axis, provincial highway 10, provincial road 359.

VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park has a very convenient traffic connection location:

  • About 8 km from Hai Phong port
  • About 15 km from Cat Bi International Airport
  • About 46 km from Cai Lan port
  • About 120 km from Noi Bai International Airport

Infrastructure and facilities

VSIP Hai Phong is one of the key development projects of Hai Phong city with the goal of building a modern urban and industrial area with synchronous technical infrastructure of international standards and quality in the city. Hai Phong, and at the same time create a cohesive and effective environment for the business of investors and residents in the project's industrial park and urban area. 

Road system: 2 main roads East-West Highway 6,1km long, wide: main road: 80m, 90m, branch road: 26m, 56m; North-South Boulevard: 4,8km long, 80m . wide 

Electricity distribution system: with a substation with a total capacity of 200MVA, of which stage 1: 54 MVA. 

Clean water supply system: with water supply plant: 69.000m3/day Wastewater treatment system: Waste treatment plant has total: 39.000m3/day, with phase 1: 4.500m3/day. 

Standard factory: 1700m2; 2,550 m2; 2,750 m2


Investors participate

With modern and synchronously invested infrastructure, convenient geographical location and transportation, the entire area of ​​VSIP Hai Phong project is located in Dinh Vu - Cat Hai EZ. As a result, businesses operating in the VSIP Hai Phong project will enjoy special investment incentives according to the Government's regulations. With the application of Singapore's experience in planning and managing industrial parks and urban areas in line with Hai Phong's conditions, VSIP Hai Phong will become a typical example for long-term and sustainable development. VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park has now attracted a lot of investors from Korea, Singapore, Japan, Europe... typically transnational corporations have invested in VSIP Hai Phong Industrial Park: Nipro Pharma group with the project of a pharmaceutical factory and medical equipment with an investment of 250 million USD; Fuji Xerox Company invested 119 million USD to manufacture and sell photocopiers, multifunction devices and printers… Up to this point, the total investment capital in VSIP Hai Phong Urban - Industrial and Service Area has increased to more than 1 billion USD.

Uptime and investment costs

Project time: 

  • 50 years from the date of issuance of the investment certificate
  • Investors can rent or transfer, invest 
  • During the rental process, investors can sublease or transfer to other retail investors 

Investment cost: 

  • Rent with infrastructure: 80-100 USD/m2 Electricity price: 0,1 USD/kwh during peak hours; normal hour is 0,05USD/kwh; off-peak hour is 0,03 USD/kwh. 
  • Water price: 0,4 USD/m3  
  • Labor cost: with reference price is 200-500 USD/person/month. Depends on job location 
  • Management fee: 0,5 USD/m2/year 
  • Waste water treatment fee: 0,3 USD/m3

Special offer

Investment projects in Dinh Vu - Cat Hai economic zone are carried out according to a quick and convenient investment registration process in order to be granted an Investment Registration Certificate and enjoy the incentives applicable to the area. have extremely difficult socio-economic conditions as prescribed by the Law on Investment, the Law on Land, the Law on Corporate Income Tax, the Law on Import and Export Tax, the Law on Cooperatives and other provisions of the law. tax law, specifically:  

Corporate income tax:  

Cooperatives and business establishments newly established from investment projects are entitled to the corporate income tax rate of 10% applied for 15 years from the time the project commences production and business activities; Being exempt from corporate income tax for 4 years from the date of having taxable income and reducing 50% of payable tax amount for the next 9 years. 

Projects on the list of fields of special investment incentives and having great socio-economic impacts that need higher incentives, shall be submitted by the Ministry of Finance to the Prime Minister for decision in case high incentives are required. than. 

Personal income tax: 

Vietnamese and foreigners working in Economic Zones are entitled to a 50% reduction in income tax for incomes subject to income tax. 

Export tax and import tax: 

Goods imported or exported in the following cases are not subject to import or export tax: 

  • Goods exported from non-tariff zones to foreign countries
  • Goods imported from abroad into non-tariff zones and used only in non-tariff zones
  • Goods brought from one non-tariff area to another

V.a.t tax:  

Goods and services purchased and sold between foreign countries and non-tariff zones and between non-tariff zones are not subject to value added tax. Goods and services sold and supplied in a non-tariff zone are subject to the value-added tax rate of 0%. 

Special Consumption Tax:  

Goods are not subject to excise tax in the following cases:  

  • Goods imported from abroad into the free trade zone. 
  • Goods from inland are sold into non-tariff zones and used only in non-tariff zones. 
  • Goods are traded between non-tariff zones, except for passenger cars with less than 24 seats. 

Land rent, water surface rent: 

Land rent and water surface rent shall be exempted for the entire lease term in the following cases: 

  • Investment projects in the fields of special investment incentives are invested in extremely difficult socio-economic areas. 
  • The project uses land to build houses for workers of industrial zones. Land for construction of infrastructure for common use in industrial parks. 
  • Exemption from land rent and water surface rent after the period of land rent and water surface rent exemption for the basic construction period: 11 years for investment projects in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions. towel. 
  • 15 years for projects on the list of sectors eligible for investment incentives that are invested in areas with extremely difficult socio-economic conditions.

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