About us

Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company was established on 02/11/1999 on the basis of equitization of rolling mill and metal purlin under Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Company - Bach Dang Construction Corporation. Starting with a capital of less than 1 billion VND with 18 employees and countless difficulties and harsh challenges of the market, we have now risen to become a competitive and reputable company in the world. market, multi-disciplinary activities, in which the field of design, general contractor for industrial construction and installation is the core business.

With many years of experience working with major partners from Japan, Korea, China,… and national key projects, our company had the opportunity to be the general contractor and participate in the construction. projects: Nam Dinh Vu GNP Industrial Park Project, Bac Giang Drainage Works Project; Project 02 Coal storage of Vung Ang I Thermal Power Plant; Electronic component factory project of Bujeon Electronics Vietnam Co., Ltd; Glonics Thai Nguyen Co., Ltd; Santa Clara Company Limited; Factory project of Dream Plastic Co., Ltd., JY Ha Nam Co., Ltd. We are always proud to bring customers synchronous product packages from design consultancy, steel structure production to construction and installation. with reasonable price, flexible solution and thoughtful after-sale service. This is what sets us apart from companies of our size. With the vision of "Building to last", all Hai Long employees are determined to build a strong team together with distinct cultural values, bold Hai Long for the goal of bringing customers the best experience. Experience in high-class product quality, professional and dedicated service. The satisfaction of customers and partners will help the company continue to maintain its growth momentum, bringing timeless values ​​to partners, employees and the community.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, the Board of Management would like to thank our valued customers and partners for their trust and cooperation; Sincerely thank all employees for always sticking, solidarity and shareholders who have always accompanied on the journey of construction and development of the Company during the past years and wish to continue to receive fruitful cooperation. your performance in the years to come. We wish you always good health, happiness and together towards new successes in the future.

                                                                                 Thank you very much!                                                                                                

                                                                                     CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD

                                                                                       Pham Anh Tien


Organizational chart


The process of formation and development

Period 1999: FIRST STEPS

Hai Long Construction is one of the first companies under Bach Dang General Construction to pilot the equitization model


Period 2006-2017: TIP FOR DEVELOPMENT

Successfully overcome the economic crisis of 2008



Officially operating under the joint-stock model without a state capital


Period 2014 - 2022: LEVEL UP THE SCALE

– Invest, build and move the headquarters to Taiyo building with a total investment of 175 billion VND

– Owns two factories with a total capacity of 2 tons/year


Financial capacity

Charter capital: 250 Billion VND

Equity : 275 Billion VND

10 Cultural Features of Taiyo Group

Taiyo culture is the values, beliefs, and lifestyles that each individual in Taiyo Group recognizes – thinks – speaks – acts as habits, like the spiritual life and personality of a child. People. These cultures make an important contribution to the long-term success of the Group as well as its subsidiaries. Taiyo culture is also the attitude of employees to work, shareholders and business owners.


We take responsibility for all our actions and the results we create and know that in order to change things, we must first change ourselves. We ensure discipline at work, considering a culture of discipline as an important factor for long-term results, growth and success.

2.Customer is the focus

Customer satisfaction is an important measure for the success of the Group, its subsidiaries and each individual. Each of us is the brand ambassador of the unit where we work. We strive for comprehensive development to understand each customer's needs and find solutions that bring the best experience to each customer that we have the opportunity to cooperate with the most positive attitude.


  1. We are committed to always telling the truth and always doing what we promise. We only commit to ourselves and to others that which we are ready and intend to do. We notify you as soon as we become aware of commitments that may not be fulfilled and have a solution to the problem immediately.

4. Lifelong learning

We understand we can't give what we don't have and the best way to get and give value is to constantly learn to improve our professional qualifications and personal development skills.


We focus on cooperation on the principle of promoting each person's strengths and always think of solutions to achieve common goals instead of finding causes to blame and blame. We are flexible in how we handle our work and can change if what we are doing is not working.


We communicate positively, honestly and openly with our team members and with our clients both in public and in private conversations with good intentions and respect each other's differences. We acknowledge that what we say is true at the time of speaking and are responsible for the responses of others. We always apologize for any mistakes first and then work to resolve them. We only discuss personal matters with the person concerned.


We are always looking for ideas and improving breakthroughs and creative ways to constantly offer the best and most competitive products and services on the way to conquering customers' hearts. This is one of the key strategic factors to help the Group and its subsidiaries continuously develop in a sustainable way.

8. Recognition

Everyone likes to be recognized for what they have done well and contributed to the organization, and we determine that recognition is the driving force behind each employee's commitment to the organization. corporations and member units. Recognition also creates a sincere, open and happy working environment.


9.Happy community

We are happy people in a happy collective. We always bring positivity and joy to ourselves and everyone. We always respect people and constantly contribute to society in order to build a Group that develops in harmony with the community, making positive contributions to the development of the country.


We develop based on the motto"Speak moderately, act decisively, and be effective". We are highly focused on short-term goals and ensure consistency with the Group's long-term strategy and vision. We are consistent in our actions to create trust with our customers, teams and partners. We understand that we must always upgrade our own value and add value to others. Our level of wealth will correspond to the value we bring to the people around us and the corporation.

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