Hai Long has both effectively prevented and prevented the COVID-19 epidemic while ensuring the construction progress of the project

In the face of the very complicated situation of COVID-19 in recent times, Hai Long's construction works must ensure both effective construction organization and safety in epidemic prevention and control.h disease.

Strictly follow the rules

Strict compliance with regulations on safety and epidemic prevention at construction sites where Hai Long is the general contractor is always a top priority. Accordingly, on the construction site, 5K measures are always fully implemented, implementing "3 on the spot" (on-site production - on-site eating - on-site stay) for commanders, engineers, workers, etc. … In addition, on the construction site, a full range of antiseptic solutions are always arranged, and body temperature is measured daily. Construction workers on the construction site must keep their distance, strictly observe the wearing of masks, regular disinfection, etc.

Strengthen supervision monitor, check

Hai Long has also developed plans and scenarios on epidemic prevention; organize construction on the basis of compliance with the regulations of the local government. Despite being heavily affected by the epidemic, Hai Long is always determined to find ways to overcome, overcome difficulties, and increase construction personnel. . Accordingly, up to now, the Company still ensures the construction work for a series of signed projects.

Pictures of some construction sites:

Zinka Project - Do Son Industrial Park: Construction of factory column formwork Phase 2

Bujeon Bac Ninh projectBujeon Bac Ninh Project – Construction of Building Item G – Electronic component factory

Goda Project - Trang Due Industrial Park - Hai Phong: Construction of the ceiling of arising items

Hyundai Thanh Cong project - Ninh Binh: Completed and erected 800 tons out of a total of 2800 tons of signed KCT

Project Hyundai Ninh BinhFuyu Bac Giang Precision Technology Factory Project – Completed and erected 1560 tons out of a total of 2300 tons signed by KCT

Fengxu Project - Do Son Industrial ParkFengxu Project - Do Son Industrial Park: Construction of Asphalt road surface - Finishing the items outside the house

Dream Plastic Project

Dream Plastic ProjectDream Plastic Project - Chau Son Industrial Park, Ha Nam: completing a number of items outside the house and factory, which are eligible to hand over to the investor.
begins production

Bim Son Cement Project - Thanh Hoa: Construction of foundation items

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09-05 2023


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