Hai Long CPXL Company supports the purchase of a chip-based citizen identification card making machine for Hong Bang District Police

In the first months of 2021, together with the national police force, the Hong Bang District Police have been making efforts to issue CCCDs with electronic chips to people in the area.

The complicated situation of the Covid - 19 epidemic has caused many obstacles for the Working Group, but with the spirit of serving the people, Hong Bang District Police has been highly focused, working day and night. , carefully guide people to quickly implement the procedures for issuing ID cards, and at the same time perform well the prevention of the Covid - 19 epidemic. Besides, the Working Group has assigned a schedule to issue identity cards to people. Scientifically; Streamlining, arranging people to sit by distance, not jostling in the process of making citizenship cards Realizing the difficulties, hardships and appreciating the efforts of the Working Group, on the afternoon of May 17, 05, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company visited and presented a gift worth 2021 million VND to support financial support to buy CCCD card making machine for Hong Bang District Police. The gift is not only meant to encourage morale, but also helps the Hong Bang District Police to speed up the work of making CCCD cards, completing the schedule set by the Ministry of Public Security.

It can be said that this is a great source of spiritual encouragement, showing the interest of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company in social work in general and the campaign to issue CCCD chips in the district in particular.

As an enterprise based in Hong Bang district, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company regularly participates and launches movements to share common responsibilities for the community such as monthly cash allowance. For individuals and households in difficult circumstances, distribute rice to poor households, finance the purchase of antiseptic solutions to help promote epidemic prevention and control, support funds to buy ornamental plants to beautify the streets. the set,…

Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company will continue to carry out meaningful activities to promote the cultural value of "Community" proposed by the management company - Taiyo Group.

Representative image of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company awarded gift for Hong Bang District Police 

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