Preliminary conference for 10 months of production and business activities in 2020 of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company, announcing the inauguration of Taiyo Building and establishment of Taiyo Group

On the morning of October 30, 10, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company held a preliminary conference on production and business activities in the first 2020 months of 10, announced the inauguration of the Taiyo building, and announced the establishment of Taiyo Group.

Following the conference was the grand opening ceremony of the Taiyo Building. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Pham Anh Tien - Chairman of the Board of Directors shared a speech about the process of building and completing the Taiyo building. Taiyo Building was designed according to the concept of famous Hong Kong designer Mr. Eddie, the building has a new architecture with the highlight of the surrounding soft silk ribbons. After nearly a year of construction, the building was officially put into operation on July 1, 30 and has become a highlight to adorn the beauty of the port city at the northern gateway, an architectural work. unique, with its own characteristics. The building was built with all the enthusiasm and determination together to overcome difficulties of the entire Board of Directors and the collective of employees of the Company when the Covid-07 epidemic occurred and had a negative impact on the economic situation. domestic and international society.

In addition, with the desire to create a large playing field, clearly and transparently dividing the functions and duties of each company according to a unified entity, a common game rule, the Board of Directors decided to establish Taiyo Group and the Group establishment announcement at the conference. Accordingly, Taiyo Group was formed on the basis of merging 3 member companies, namely Hai Long JSC, G18 Construction Equipment Joint Stock Company and Taiyo Group Joint Stock Company. In the immediate future, the Group will still focus on three main businesses corresponding to the fields of operation of the 3 member companies, including KCT Construction; construction equipment and education rental and service business. The total current charter capital is 235 billion, the revenue in 2020 of the group is estimated at 885 billion VND (of which 71 billion VND is from leasing segment).

Regarding the development plan and orientation of the corporation in the next 5 years, Taiyo Group will take full advantage of the strengths of each member company, for Hai Long will focus on consulting, exam design. factory construction, G18 still focuses on scaffolding and construction equipment rental; Taiyo continued to run its own business in the leasing segment. The group's revenue by 2025 is expected to reach 1,300 billion VND, about 125 billion VND / year, about over 10 billion VND / month. The Group plans to create a medium and long-term capital channel to develop more factory rental business, in the next 5 or 10 years to expand its hospitality business with the idea of ​​building hotels with 4 to 5 standards. 10 stars in famous tourist destinations in the country. Building XNUMX core cultural values, building general management regulations for the group, building a sustainable business mechanism, attracting a lot of investment capital, opening up many opportunities for partners and home. strategic investment at home and abroad.

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