A cooking contest celebrates Vietnamese Women's Day

Celebrating Vietnamese Women's Day October 20, 10, In the morning of October 2016, 15, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company held a Cooking Contest for female employees of the Company. The contest aims to honor the qualities of Vietnamese Women in general and Hai Long Women in particular during the doi moi era. Along with that, the contest is also an opportunity for all employees in the company to have the opportunity to learn, exchange and connect with each other. 

At the beginning of the contest, Mr. Pham Anh Tien - Mr. Pham Anh Tien gave a speech to congratulate the women on October 20, 10. After that, representatives of the Office and Construction block gave gifts to women. Attending the contest this year, not only Hai Long employees but also female guests - belonging to offices and companies located in Hai Long. 

The Cooking Contest's presentation was probably the one that the whole competition was looking forward to most. The hall seems to be more vibrant by the color of the dishes, more attractive by the aroma of food and more attractive by the very special decoration ideas. There are 5 teams, although there is no prior arrangement, the dishes of each team seem to harmonize into a complete tray of rice - the typical taste of the homeland, is the breakthrough, is the freshness of the European dishes. The audience seems to be brought into the world of unique cuisine, a luxury banquet table in a modern restaurant.

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