Periodic safety meeting of Hai Long Construction

The work of ANAT - OSH at construction sites plays an extremely important role, is the leading factor determining the success of a work or project. Each project does well in security and order activities such as: preventing theft of supplies and materials, preventing social evils and all acts of disturbing security and order at the construction site. safety for workers, health and life for workers, and at the same time create motivation to promote productivity as well as construction progress. 

Understanding that, Hai Long Construction always focuses on ensuring labor safety and hygiene on construction sites. Each project of Hai Long Joint Stock Company is arranged with 01 full-time ANAT - VSLD staff, a professional security team of the company. The construction site is also equipped with a high-quality night vision camera system, covering the entire construction space with a storage time of more than 30 days to facilitate security monitoring and progress inspection. effectively protect company assets. The security team is also regularly trained periodically to ensure the right expertise and process in accordance with the strict requirements of the investors. The ANAT - Labor Sanitation Committee also meets periodically every week to check and evaluate the work done during the week, continuously propose plans to improve efficiency for the Board. ANAT-OSH training is carried out by the Board at the beginning of every hour for workers at construction sites. The ANAT-OSH also works closely with the Materials Department to do a good job of managing supplies and materials at the construction site, to prevent theft and loss, and to work closely with the Construction Management Department to develop the project. detect shortcomings and violations in the construction process and construction techniques in order to ensure engineering and prevent waste.

Ensuring ANAT-OSH is to ensure quality, progress and safety for each project.

Pictures of the periodic ANAT meeting at Hai Long Construction

Pictures of daily ANAT training at the construction site

Pictures of daily ANAT training at the construction site

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