1. Kết cấu thép là gì ?

- Steel structure is a product line processed and manufactured from cast iron and steel by mechanical technologies to serve people, transportation, industry, military.

- Steel structure products: industrial factories, offices, fences, bridges, conveyors, ...


2. Nguyên liệu đầu vào để sản xuất kết cấu thép

For the production of steel structures, raw materials are carefully checked.

Characteristics, dimensions and geometrical structure of steel structures

- In steel structures the default unit is mm (millimeter).

For example: TL 6000x1500x10 corrugated iron is 6m long, 1m5 wide, 10mm thick

Between steel H and I, steel H has equal belly height and wing length, different I

Round steel: D (200 × 10)

Roofing is also calculated in mm, color regulations are in English (Red = R). The corrugated iron is produced in rolls, the unit processes the bending machine, rolling into the following roofing sheet

. Chemical and mechanical characteristics:

Steel has 2 types according to the most common JIS standards, SS400 and Q345

- SS400: Low tensile strength (tensile strength, yield strength, relative elongation), where:

Yield: hydraulic clamp pulls the ends of the steel, when the steel crystals start to move -> reach the yield point

Durability limit: when broken

Elongation: Subtract the original length from the length after stretching

Q345: Higher level, higher indicators than SS400

(*): There are 2 types of steel plate, shape steel only SS400

Galvanized product, usually electrolytic galvanized or hot-dip galvanized (SP dc plated as required by the contract)

Electrolytic plating: the coating is thin, less durable, but cheaper and more beautiful

Hot dipped galvanized: much more durable (the coating is 10 times thicker) but less aesthetic

Color sheet: galvanized steel sheet, hot dipped, blowing compressed air, surface chemical treatment, then painted color.

Panel: use fiberglass insulation to clad in the corrugated iron.

. Sensory perception characteristics

Good materials must have the identity of the company by paint or wearing a sign, etc., have a clear origin, COCQ, must be packed well, the surface is not oxidized, not pitted, not available. color differs from normal iron oxide

Color corrugated iron must not scratch paint, must have proof of coating thickness, paint thickness, must be verified by ruler, tested by tensile test

All materials must be digitally checked, verified and accepted, ensuring the reputation and quality of Hai L's products: ong

3. Processing and product quality control process of Hai Long steel structure

-Processing> Import material warehouse> Marking, separate> Cutting process> Drilling to create holes> Raw jig> Coarse welding> Finishing jig> Finishing> Cleaning, sharpening> Primer> Checking and acceptance > Packing


The production process can only start after a document signed by the plant manager (the document includes a list of components to be produced, with specification, thickness, etc.)

Production orders can only be signed after being approved, receiving advance from the investor, complete supplies, with the approval of the Board of Directors and approved design drawings.

-Product quality control

Checking bolts, painted surfaces, ..., based on JIS and design contract by measurement, sensory-based, COCQ, inspection -> materials can only be used after KCS meets requirements.

Fabrication checks: (operations) are performed sporadic probabilistic checks, but throughout the process.

Steel structure projects of Hai Long https://hailongjsc.vn/danh-muc-du-an/du-an-ket-cau-thep/K

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