Steel Structure - The texture of the future

If you are looking for a cost-effective building type with long-term savings potential relative to your initial investment then production procedure is the most ideal solution.

What is steel structure?

Steel structure is a metal structure formed from these steel structure * linked together to transmit and bear force. Thanks to the high tensile strength of steel, this structure is very sturdy and requires less material than other types of structures such as concrete or wood structures.

In modern construction, steel structures are used for most types of structural structures including heavy industrial buildings, high-rise buildings, equipment support systems, infrastructure, bridges, tower, airport, racking system ...

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* Steel structure Steel construction material is fabricated with specific shape and chemical composition, in accordance with technical requirements of each project.See more: 

Depending on the specifications applicable to each project, steel structures come in different shapes and sizes, and different fabrications (hot rolled, welded sheets together or bent steel plate). Common shapes include I-beam, HSS, C-steel, angle steel and fore steel ...

steel structure

Types of main structures

  • Frame structure: Beams and columns
  • Mesh structure: mesh or dome structure
  • Prestressed structure
  • Bridge beams
  • Cable-stayed bridge
  • Truss structure: bar or truss
  • Arch bridge
  • Arch architecture
  • Suspension bridge
  • Truss bridge: truss structure

5 reasons why choosing steel structures

1. Cost savings

Structure Steel is considered the most economical option in terms of design and material costs. This type of structure costs less in manufacturing, erection and warranty compared to traditional methods.

2. Creativity

Steel has a natural beauty that most architects love. Steel structure can create large span space truss system with plenty of natural light, aesthetic and high architecture.

3. Control and management

Built in the factory and quickly erect on site by a team of skilled staff. This helps the construction process take place completely safe. Industry studies always prove that steel structure is the optimal solution in construction management.

4. Flexible

May be modified in the future for new applications, load conditions, vertical expansion, changes at the request of the owner that other framing systems cannot do.

5. Sustainability

Can withstand extreme forces or extreme weather conditions, such as strong winds, earthquakes, storms and snowfall. This texture is also not susceptible to rust and, unlike wooden frames, they are unaffected by termites, bugs and mold.

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