In Construction and development trends of the market, pre-engineered steel buildings are a very popular construction type and are interested by many businesses and individuals. This category offers many Advantages more prominent than other conventional types such as construction cost, large bearing capacity, fast construction time, guaranteed construction quality. To learn more about this type of construction, let's FACTORY point to these sample Steel Buildings The most popular right now.

Why invest in building pre-engineered steel buildings?

Before pre-engineered steel buildings were born, reinforced concrete houses were the most popular type of house used in Vietnam. The advantage of this type compared to pre-engineered steel buildings is good resistance, heat resistance and high fire resistance. However, this type of construction still has many disadvantages such as long construction time, complexity, meticulousness, the construction process is affected by many factors, it is difficult to upgrade and repair.

Currently, there are many projects that have applied pre-engineered steel buildings to construction and construction, especially manufacturing factories and industrial warehouses. The outstanding advantages of pre-engineered steel buildings that have quickly become a trend are:

Fast fabrication, assembly and construction times

Fabrication, assembly and construction time is faster than construction of reinforced concrete houses up to 50%. It only takes a few weeks, even a few days, if the human resources work quickly, it is possible to complete a pre-engineered steel building.

Low maintenance cost

Maintenance costs are low and the space can be flexibly expanded in the future by adding additional steel frames. 

Diverse, environmentally friendly architecture, catching up with new trends

Pre-engineered steel buildings are mainly built by assembling recycled materials, which significantly reduces the amount of construction waste. Moreover, the materials used for pre-engineered steel buildings have good sound and heat insulation, thereby helping to save power consumption for the building. 

Pre-engineered steel buildings are suitable for modern architecture, steel frames are usually light and easy to shape, helping to create accents in architecture. 

Classification of pre-engineered steel buildings

Basically, pre-engineered steel buildings are classified into 4 main types:

Industrial prefab house: including production workshops, industrial warehouses, ...

Civil prefab house: This type of house is often used for housing. This type often has diverse designs, low cost and quick construction process. 

Commercial prefab house: mainly grocery stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, commercial centers, ...

Military prefab house: used for military purposes such as barracks.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are currently the trend of choice in construction today. This type of house both meets the needs of use and has high aesthetics. Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company is proud to be one of the leading units that have manufactured and built a series of leading industrial prefabricated houses in Vietnam.  Here are some pictures of industrial pre-engineered steel buildings constructed by Hai Long: 

Pre-engineered steel building of Vung Ang Thermal Power Project 1

Coal storage project of Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant

With the trust of Bach Dang Construction Corporation and the investor of Vietnam National Oil and Gas Group, Hai Long has been selected as the contractor to manufacture and supply steel structures for the coal storage project of the plant. Vung Ang Thermal Power Plant with a volume of up to 8000 tons of steel structure. The project has an area of ​​32.760 m2 including 2 coal warehouses. Hai Long participates in the product manufacturing process from importing raw materials, preparing workpieces, cleaning, priming, mounting assemblies, finishing welding, cleaning before painting, intermediate and finishing paint, and closing. Package and export goods according to European standards DIN EN 10025, 10029, 10210, and Japanese standard JIS G3496. 

The project of Vung Ang 1 Thermal Power Plant has now been completed and put into effective use, ensuring safety, which is a turning point, creating a driving force for economic development for Ha Tinh in particular and the whole country in general. .

Prefabricated steel house vinfast automobile factory

Vinfast Automobile Factory Project

Vinfast automobile factory complex invested by Vingroup, with an area of ​​​​335 hectares, is located in Dinh Vu industrial park, Cat Hai, Hai Phong. The project has a total investment of about 34.000 billion VND, of which the construction part with the main contractor is worth 2.000 billion VND. Hai Long was trusted by Vingroup Investor and Coteccons General Contractor to award the package of production, construction and erection of steel structure with the supplied steel structure output of 4000 tons.

Pre-engineered steel house project HH ​​Dream Printing

HH Dream Printing Factory Project

HH Dream Printing Co., Ltd. is a company with 100% investment capital from Korea with a scale of 38.000 m2 in Binh Luc, Ha Nam. Hai Long has been trusted and selected by HH Dream Printing Company as the main contractor for the construction of the company's factory, with the scope of cooperation including general construction contractor, design consultant, production and installation. steel structure.

Pre-engineered steel building santa clara project

Santa Clara Factory Project

Santa Clara garment factory project is one of the key projects by Hai Long as the general contractor in 2015. On June 5, 6, Hai Long signed a package contract from design, construction, and Manufacturing and erection of steel structures with Santa Clara Company in Y Yen district, Nam Dinh province. After one year of construction and completion, Hai Long handed over the project to the investor on time, meeting the quality requirements as well as the technical - fine art of the project.

Jinka Material Technology Factory Project

Jinka Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd specializes in manufacturing and trading plastic products on a large scale in the market. As a reputable general contractor, having both financial capacity and experience in design and construction, Hai Long has received the trust of Investor Jinka, selected as the general contractor for design and construction consultancy. , production, erection of steel structure, completion of the new factory project in Do Son Industrial Park, Hai Phong. Currently, Hai Long is continuing the construction of Jinka Project Phase 2.

With a reputation that has been confirmed, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company always aims to improve services, ensure the highest satisfaction for customers, through which more and more customers cooperate. long term with the Company.   

Reasons to choose Hai Long as a design and construction unit for pre-engineered steel buildings

With the mission to bring investors the works prefabricated steel frame house Sure, quality, lasting with time, Hai Long always aims to perfect the service, ensuring the highest satisfaction for customers, thereby bringing modern constructions along with construction solutions. the most optimal work.

We provide consulting services, design, construction and manufacture of pre-engineered steel frame houses such as:

  1. 1:1 consulting, we have a team of architects and engineers with many years of experience who will advise and answer customers' questions about design, as well as bring optimal solutions to customers. Get the design that best suits your needs and wants.
  2. Drawings, detailed plans for customers to have an overview of the project and follow each stage of project implementation.
  3. The factory system with modern machinery and equipment is synchronously invested, a team of skilled workers is ready to supply, meeting the quantity, quality and construction time.
  4. Warranty - maintenance service after the end of the project is fully and thoughtfully implemented, ensuring the highest satisfaction for customers.
  5. Competitive unit price

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