On the morning of January 29, 01 (ie the 2020th day of the new year of the Canh Ty) in harmony with the spring-welcoming atmosphere of the whole country, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company jubilantly held the opening ceremony of the year at the Steel Structure Factory. Hai Long, with the participation of the Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors and a large number of employees of the company, including office blocks, construction sites, factories and erection teams.

The opening of the program was a spring festival show, choreographed and performed by the company's employees.

After the performance, Mr. Pham Anh Tien - Chairman of the Board of Directors made a few words to wish Hai Long family and all employees' families a healthy, happy and successful new year. Besides, Mr. Chairman also emphasized that 2020 is the first year in the 5-year plan, towards 25 years of company anniversary (November 02, 11 - November 1999, 02), because Therefore, it needs the determination and striving of the Board of Directors and employees of the company so that 11 is the first year to create a stepping stone for a new growth cycle for the Company. All employees of the company need to show their determination right from the first days of the army to be able to well fulfill the objectives set for the Company in 2024 in the year-end review.

And the most awaiting moment in the spring opening ceremony of Canh Ty 2020 is the lucky draw lottery program. This is considered a traditional program of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company, the pink votes on the hands of the employees, looking forward, anxious eyes watching each rotation of the ball cages make the atmosphere of the meeting. The opening ceremony adds more fun. In addition to the material meaning, the New Year's Spring Rewards also show the Chairman and Board of Directors 'attention to the Company's employees' lives, hoping everyone will have a happy new year. luck, prosperity, warmth in life.

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