Year-end ceremony and honoring collectives and individuals with outstanding performances in 2020

During the past 2020, in the context of the whole world facing and struggling with the difficulties and crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Vietnam has emerged as a bright spot for a safe country. and control the disease successfully while at the same time with remarkable economic achievements. In which, Hai Phong city, a typical city in epidemic prevention, is still safe until the end of 2020 and there are no cases of COVID here.

Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company is proud to be one of the few construction enterprises in Hai Phong city that both successfully combat epidemics and exceed important economic indicators of the Board of Directors. set out by the Taiyo group as well as by the Board of Directors.

Accordingly, with the close direction of the Board of Directors, the unanimous determination of all more than 500 employees of the company from factories, construction sites, offices, construction joint stock companies. Hai Long installation has reached nearly 800 billion in revenue, contributing largely to the total revenue of more than 900 billion of Taiyo Group.

Most of the revenue achieved mostly comes from the key industries of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company including Design Consultant, General Contractor, Manufacturing, Processing and Erection of Steel Structure. These professions are the strength of the Company, trusted by many large domestic and foreign partners to choose and cooperate.

To express gratitude to the collectives, employees and employees actively unanimously determined with the Board of Directors to overcome common difficulties, emulate excellently completing the tasks, the Board of Directors decided to hold a closing ceremony to honor the honor, reward, award worthy rewards.

The ceremony took place in the context of the COVID epidemic and complicated developments, so the Board of Directors on the one hand directed the implementation to promptly reward employees and ensure compliance with all regulations on epidemic prevention. proposed by the People's Committee of Hai Phong city. Accordingly, only awarding to small groups of about 10 employees, making sure all wear masks, measure the temperature and disinfect their hands before receiving the prize.

Through the ceremony of summing up and honoring and rewarding, the Board of Directors of Hai Long JSC expects that all employees will continue to further promote their qualities, capabilities and follow the 10 cultural values ​​of the Group to complete into production and business targets in 2021, building the company on a stronger and more developed basis.

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