Special CONTAINER products with high requirements on quality and design.


CONTAINER products serve office needs with full facilities.


CONTAINER products serve the needs of restaurants, hotels, and homestays.

special container project

5 month 2 year 2021

Exporting high-tech containers to Hokaido - Japan

Hai Long Steel Structure Factory has received the trust of a Japanese partner to choose to sign an order to manufacture 73 solar energy containers with a total value of over 17 billion VND to be exported to Hokkaido - Japan. This is a very special type of container, with extremely strict technical and quality requirements, ensuring the absolute standards set by the Japanese partner.

2 month 6 year 2022

Hai Long construction and installation successfully exported the last container to Hokaido - Japan

The project of manufacturing rechargeable battery containers was implemented by Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company in October 10. At the end of June, Hai Long successfully exported the last container to Hokaido - Japan, thereby completing the Battery Container Manufacturing Project for Sumitomo Electric Industry Corporation.

15 month 6 year 2022

Sumitomo gives a letter of thanks to Hai Long Construction and Construction for completing the project of producing rechargeable battery containers

After nearly 1 year of cooperation with selected manufacturing units, Hai Long Construction completed the project successfully and was praised by Sumimoto customers. To express their trust and desire to continue cooperating with Hai Long Construction in future projects, Sumitomo Electric Industry Group wrote a letter of thanks and sent a representative to Vietnam to send gifts directly to the representative. Representative of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company.

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container production

 Hai Long Steel Structure Factory No. 2 in Quoc Tuan commune, An Lao district, Hai Phong city. Factory #2 includes special container factory For export, corrugated iron - purlin factory and Ringlock disc spear production workshop with a system of quality lines and machines that meet the high standards set by customers. Moreover, Hai Long factory also owns a professional internal quality control process in all stages of the production process, ensuring investors absolute peace of mind about our products. .

20000 m2
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CONTAINER production process


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