Update the progress of the M08 factory construction project, Lot F&M Quang Chau

Factory construction project M08, lot F&M Quang Chau, invested by FUYU Precision Technology Company, has a scale of more than 16.000 m2 in Quang Chau Industrial Park, Bac Giang province. Ricons Construction Investment Group Joint Stock Company (Ricons Group) was selected as the general contractor for the project. 

Ricons Group is one of the prestigious companies in the construction industry, in the Top 3 most prestigious contractors in Vietnam. With outstanding capacity in processing and erection of steel structures, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company has received the trust of the general contractor of the project, signing a contract with Ricons Group for the first time to implement the bidding package " Fabrication and erection of steel structures” with a total volume of 2200 tons of steel, progress in 60 days. With a large volume of work, which needs to be done urgently in a short time, the Company's Board of Directors has proposed measures to speed up production progress, while ensuring product quality.

Receiving the contract signing during the complicated situation of the Covid - 19 epidemic, Hai Long Steel Structure Factory has been applying all necessary measures to prevent the epidemic, and at the same time ensure the safety of customers. guarantee the production schedule as committed. All factory employees must conduct medical declaration, disinfect before entering work, wear masks continuously and ensure distance.

In addition, the situation of steel prices continuously increasing, causing many businesses to face great obstacles in ensuring supply, so many units cannot sign orders for steel structure processing at this time to Avoid the risk of loss. However, with the determination to ensure jobs as well as workers' income during the epidemic season, the Board of Directors of Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company decided to sign the order and wisely offered solutions to ensure safety. Ensure that steel supplies are provided in full and on time, meeting the production schedule

It is thanks to drastic solutions in production and in the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic that in less than a month, Hai Long Steel Structure Factory has completed 50% of the volume signed in the contract.

With the strategy of promoting development, constantly improving competitiveness, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company will always be a reliable choice for partners in the field of construction of steel structure buildings.

Image of steel structure produced and assembled at the factory

Image of steel structure produced and assembled at the factory

Pictures of horizontal welding lines

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