Deploying the project of Raw material warehouse - Bim Son Cement Joint Stock Company

On the afternoon of July 18, 07 in Bim Son, Thanh Hoa, a contract signing ceremony and implementation of the Raw Material Warehouse Project took place between the Investor - Bim Son Cement Joint Stock Company (Vicem Bim Son) and the General Contractor – Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company.  

Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company - a member of Taiyo Group is one of the leading companies in the field of industrial construction. On July 1, 14 with its prestige and capacity, Hai Long JSC., had excellently surpassed 7 major contractors in this public bidding round and was selected as the general contractor for construction and installation of the package: construction of warehouses, dosing stations, diversion towers, conveyors, power stations, air compressor stations under the Raw Material Warehouse project. The total contract value of the package is up to VND2021 billion with a construction schedule of 10 days.  

In the past 7 months, Hai Long JSC., has continuously signed large contracts in the context of difficulties caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, bringing the total value of signed contracts in 2021 to VND1.044 billion/ VND1.250 billion of the plan and reached 83.50% of the whole year plan. Particularly, the volume of steel structure signed as of July 20, 07 is tons 2021/ 12.300 tons of the plan. This is also the first time in just 11.000 months, Hai Long Steel Structure Factory has exceeded the set plan, ensuring production activities until the end of year 7. Thereby, the Company continues to maintain momentum of growth, ensuring production and business activities, ensuring jobs and stable income for employees. 


Image of the contract for the Raw Material Warehouse project between Hai Long JSC and Bim Son Cement Joint Stock Company

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