Jubilantly opening the spring to welcome Ky Hoi 2019

On the 6th of Tet (February 10), in harmony with the New Year's atmosphere flooding the country, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company held a Spring Opening ceremony at Hai Long steel structure factory together with the Full participation of employees of the company including office blocks, construction sites and factories.

Before that, on the 28th of Tet at the Factory, the Year-end party was also held for all employees of the company. This is an opportunity for all employees to meet, exchange and talk, look back together over the past 1 year; and also an opportunity to commend outstanding individuals and collectives in the past year.

Beginning of the Spring Opening program are the artistic performances with the atmosphere of spring performed by the company's staff.

Chairman Pham Anh Tien and General Director Pham Anh Tien are the first to send New Year greetings to all employees - a year of good health, happiness and success. After that, the leaders of the departments of the company also sent lucky spring wishes to the employees. All employees of the company shook hands to congratulate, together, raise a glass of wine and wish each other the best words for the new year.

Followed by the leaders celebrate the age of all employees of the company. Everyone received the congratulatory money from the leader - a small spring gift but it has a great meaning. And an indispensable "traditional" program of Hai Long that is always held every year on the occasion of spring opening is "Pick Loc in the beginning of spring - Lucky draw". With the appearance of 3 lucky spinning cages and valuable rewards, it has added a lot of excitement and suspense to the staff at this spring opening. In particular, the number of awards and the value of this year's awards increases compared to previous years, the participants will have more chances of winning.

In addition to the material meaning, these awards also show the Board of Directors' deep concern to the life of all employees of the company, wishing them a meaningful spring and a prosperous year.

The spring opening took place in a joyful, warm, meaningful and full of love atmosphere among the company members.

Some pictures of the ceremony.

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