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CHIEF ACCOUNTANT (Construction industry)

Salary: 35.000.000 – 40.000.000 VND/month


Employment information:

Job description

  • Responsible for organizing the Company's accounting apparatus and directing the Company's accounting work;
  • Establish and guide the implementation of processes and professional skills related to the activities of the Finance and Accounting Department;
  • Guide, inspect and supervise the implementation of daily operations of accountants: revenue, expenditure, import and export, sales, banking, bookkeeping, document storage and handling of arising problems in the Room to ensure compliance with current regulations;
  • Prepare financial plans and plans for capital management;
  • Plan and ensure financial plans: bank debt repayment, purchases, payments to suppliers, other arising amounts;
  • Provide accounting data to relevant agencies: tax, statistics, government;
  • Carry out transactions with banks in borrowing credit, prepare business plans to submit to the bank when required;
  • Resolve arising issues related to the Company's finances: customer debt, supplier debt...
  • Together with tax accountants, prepare annual tax financial reports;
  • Check monthly tax declaration records, financial reports according to regulations, annual tax settlement records, annual financial reports according to current regulations and send them to the authorities;
  • Manage and operate the Finance Department, be responsible to the Board of Directors for the operations of the Finance Department
  • Inspect and supervise the observance of economic and financial policies and accounting regimes in enterprises;
  • Provide guidance on accounting skills and work organization and management skills to executors;
  • Implement plans to train, foster, improve qualifications, and build a team of accountants;
  • Organize the dissemination and timely implementation of financial and accounting regimes and regulations issued by the State to executive levels of the accounting and statistical system;
  • Regularly coordinate with the administrative and accounting sections to promptly complete them to suit each stage of the Company's development (forms, control methods, current state regulations...);
  • Develop processes to control costs of production and business activities, investment costs and procurement of fixed assets;
  • Synthesize and analyze data and finances of production and business activities in the Company on a regular and monthly basis to ensure serving the management work of the Board of Directors, helping the Board of Directors come up with optimal business plans, simultaneously. At the same time, develop regulations on financial management in enterprises and submit them to the Board of Directors for promulgation.
  • Prepare reports on production and business activities results monthly, annually or as requested by the Board of Directors at each time;
  • Prepare periodic management reports weekly, monthly, and quarterly for the Board of Directors to serve effective management decisions;
  • Advise and assist the Board of Directors on capital management plans, cash flow, project-based construction management models appropriate to the Company's development scale;
  • Carry out other tasks related to the Finance and Accounting Department under the direction of the Board of Directors;


  • Graduated from University majoring in Corporate Finance, Corporate Accounting, Business Administration;
  • Minimum 5 years of working experience and over 03 years as chief accountant in the Construction field;
  • Have a chief accountant certificate, understanding of construction project estimates;
  • Understanding of laws and tax and accounting policies related to the fields of construction, real estate, investment, ...
  • Master and understand the Law on Taxation, Corporate Finance, principles and standards of finance and accounting, and accounting operations.

Requires skills

  • Present, negotiate, persuade
  • Plan and organize implementation
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and specialized Accounting software
  • Ability to work independently, analyze/process/oversee problems, handle conflicts and contradictions
  • Creative, careful, meticulous, honest, straightforward, fair and able to withstand high pressure at work
  • Priority is given to Female, established family, over 30 years old;
  • Previously held the position of Chief Accountant at companies of similar scale.

curriculum vitae

Records include:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Job application
  • CV and relevant certificates

Contact the Recruitment Department

Phone number: 0936404020 (Ms. Duong)


Head office: Taiyo Building, 97 Bach Dang, Ha Ly, Hong Bang, Hai Phong


Fanpage: Hai Long – Construction & Steel Structure