In the context of complicated developments of COVID-19, occurring in 105 countries with more than 114 people infected with no sign of stopping, recently the number of infected people has increased rapidly, resulting in a large number of outbreaks. with the number of people infected and the number of deaths increasing rapidly.

In our country, after 22 days of no new infections, in just 4 days after that, 18 more infected people were found (bringing the total number of infections more than 2 times compared to the previous number), of which 15 people were infected. scenes from countries with trade and the number of people going back and forth with our country is large. In order to minimize the spread of epidemics, to be ready and proactively prevent and respond to epidemics on a large scale, best protect the health and lives of the people, Prime Minister The Government instructed ministries, branches and localities to continue strictly and drastically implementing the instructions of the Party Central Secretariat in Official Dispatch No. 79-CV / TW dated January 30, 01, Electricity of the Standing Committee of the Party Secretariat. letter of the Party Central Committee dated March 2020, 07, Directive No. 3 / CT-TTg, 2020 / CT-TTg, 05 / CT-TTg, 06 / CT-TTg and Telegram No. 10 / CD-TTg, 11 / CD-TTg and guiding documents of the Prime Minister; best prepared, ready for any situation; continue to thoroughly grasp the spirit of "anti-epidemic like anti-enemy", ready to sacrifice economic benefits to best protect the health and lives of the people.

Accordingly, in order to join hands with the anti-epidemic work of the Party and State, on March 07, 03, Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company announced the mandatory application of body temperature checks and masks. all employees of the Company, employees of the Company renting offices in the building, customers come to contact to work at the building. The management of Hai Long building has placed sanitary disinfection tables at the doors, in front of the elevator doors to ensure that all employees and customers moving from outside to the building are fully disinfected.

In addition, the company's Trade Union has followed the recommendations of the Ministry of Health to provide recommendations on health protection and disease prevention to employees and regularly update the epidemic situation to Employees raise awareness to protect personal health, relatives and community.

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