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GENERAL ACCOUNTING (Construction Field)

Salary: 15.000.000


Employment information:


  • Collect and process accounting documents through economic operations
  • Accounting for income/expenditure, depreciation, recording VAT/CIT,...
  • Carry out monthly, quarterly and annual reports (tax reports, tax declarations...), internal reports as required (income and expenditure reports, revenue - profit reports...)
  • Accounting for cost allocations, such as CCDC costs, short/long-term prepaid costs...
  • Accounting for depreciation of fixed assets
  • Perform transfer and allocation entries; Compare the data and make detailed statistics of those allocations
  • Perform financial entries such as transferring profits and losses from the old year, accounting for expenses in the new fiscal year...
  • Check period-end data (check balance, check beginning and ending balances...)
  • Prepare related administrative documents (tax finalization declaration, financial reports, management reports...)
  • Statistics, provision and explanation of data when there are unexpected requests from superiors or state agencies.
  • Guide accountants in processing and accounting data and reports.


  • Working hours: From Monday to Saturday morning every week.
  • Work location: Taiyo Building, 97 Bach Dang, Ha Ly, Hong Bang, Hai Phong.


  • Have a minimum of 03 years' experience in equivalent or related positions
  • Graduated from University majoring in accounting, auditing or finance
  • Stable family
  • Proficient in using accounting software, especially Excel
  • Master accounting operations, knowledge of analysis, data synthesis and report writing.


  • Job application
  • CV and relevant certificates sent via email


Submit directly or send resume via Email

  • Mail receiving records:
  • Address to receive documents: Administration and Service Center - Hai Long Construction Joint Stock Company: 8th Floor, Taiyo Building, 97 Bach Dang, Ha Ly Ward, Hong Bang, Hai Phong
  • Contact phone: 0936.40.40.20 (Ms. Duong - Human Resources Department)